Sand production line

Sand and stone production line is a comprehensive production line specially used for the production of sand and stone for construction. It is mainly composed of feeding machine, crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine and conveyor and other equipment, which can realize the full automatic processing from raw materials to finished products.

Product Introduction

The sand production line is mainly composed of feeding machine, crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, belt conveyor and other equipment. It can make rocks, sand, pebbles and other materials into various particle sizes that meet the requirements of construction sand. In the production process, the bulk stone is first uniformly sent to the jaw crusher through the bin by the vibration feeder for coarse crushing, and the coarse crushed stone is then sequenced by other equipment for medium crushing, screening, fine crushing and other processes until the finished sand is produced. The entire production process almost does not require manual operation, achieving a high degree of automation.


Sand production line equipment is widely used in hydropower, building materials, highways, urban construction and other industries. It can be used for hard limestone, granite, basalt, river pebbles, metallurgy slag and other materials aggregate and artificial sand making operations. In addition, metal mining and non-metal mining is also one of the industries with a large demand for sand and stone. In these industries, sand and gravel are mainly used as aggregate, to support mine holes and fill goaf, and as raw materials to participate in smelting processes.


Sand production line equipment is suitable for crushing and shaping soft or medium hard and extra hard materials. It can handle all kinds of ore, cement, refractory materials, aluminum soil clinker, emery, glass raw materials, mechanical construction sand, stone and all kinds of metallurgical slag and other materials. Especially for silicon carbide, carborundum, sintered bauxite, fine sand and other high hard, extra hard and abrasion-resistant materials, sand production line equipment has higher yield and efficiency.

    Crushing line configuration

    Sand production line configuration


    1. The equipment combination is novel and scientific, the site layout is more reasonable and compact, and the site area of the production line is small and the investment is saved.

    2. The integration of automation concept ensures that the production line operation is almost manual, and can be operated by the computer throughout the process, which is more time-saving and labor-saving, safe and reliable.

    3. Flexible configuration, crushing all kinds of hardness stone are easy, wider range of use, higher field operation efficiency, controllable output.

    4. The production line has a long service life, the stone particle shape is uniform after crushing, the quality is strong, and it is a reliable aggregate.

    5. Environmental protection equipment is selected to reduce dust, and the site layout is more reasonable, and the use of multi-effect dust collector, the site dust, noise and other pollution filter out.

    6. Fully automated operation process, higher production efficiency, more optimized work efficiency, high degree of automation, large crushing ratio, high production efficiency, large processing capacity, broken products are cube-like, low needle sheet content, no internal cracks, high compression strength.

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