Vertical milling machine

Vertical pulverizing machine is a kind of equipment specially used for pulverizing stone into powder, mainly used for grinding various raw materials into powder, discharge particle size 20-140 mesh, output of 20 tons/hour

Product Introduction

Vertical pulverizer is a special equipment for pulverizing stone into powder, mainly used to grind various raw materials into powder, discharge particle size of 20-140 mesh, output of 20 tons/hour, to meet the needs of different industries and fields


Vertical milling machine is a kind of key equipment widely used in mining, building materials, chemical and other industries, mainly used for crushing and fine grinding of ores and other materials to achieve the required granularity requirements. The following are the main uses of the vertical milling machine:

1. Ore grinding: In the mine production, the vertical milling machine can grind the ore to a certain fineness, so that the subsequent process can be carried out.

2. Material grinding: Vertical milling machine can be used for grinding a variety of materials, including non-metallic ores, building materials, chemical raw materials, etc. A powdery material can be obtained.

3. Industrial milling: Vertical milling machine is also widely used in the industrial milling process. For example, in cement production, vertical milling machines are used to grind calcined limestone and mud into cement clinker.

Working Principle

The working principle of the vertical milling machine is to achieve rapid, uniform and fine crushing of stone through crushing and grinding technology. Among them, the vertical axis quartz stone powder machine is a typical model, its core working principle is to use the high-speed rotation of the vertical axis to drive the grinding blade to shear, impact and friction on the quartz stone, so as to break it into powder.


(1) the grinding efficiency is high, the finished material pollution is small, the material layer grinding principle is used to reduce repeated grinding.

(2) wear parts are made of unique wear materials, high utilization rate.

(3) grinding out of the material particle size is fine and uniform, containing low quality, high recycling rate.

(4) no dust and noise pollution, low carbon environmental protection effect is good.

(5) the price is affordable, cost-effective.

Technical Data

Model Feed size (mm) Discharge size (mesh) Production capacity (t/h) Motor power (kw) Dimensions (mm)
1250 40-60 20-140 20-30 Level 6 90 2800x1600x2100
1500 40-60 20-140 30-40 Level 6 160 3100x1900x2200
1750 40-60 20-140 40-60 Level 6 200 3710x2360x2390
2000 40-60 20-140 40-80 Level 6 280 4100x2660x2620

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