What equipment is good for crushing pebbles?

2023-01-09 11:15:35

Pebble is a pure natural solid ore, which is a by-product of mining yellow sand. Due to its high hardness and good color, pebbles have been widely used in construction, building materials and other fields. In its application process, crushing processing is also required, so pebble processing crushing equipment is essential. At present, there are many cobblestone crushing equipments on the market, and customers do not know which equipment to choose when choosing. Here are some commonly used cobblestone crushing equipment for your reference.

  1. Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher must be familiar to everyone. It is a commonly used primary crushing equipment for ore. It has a good crushing effect on cobblestones and strong crushing pertinence. The equipment has the following advantages.

(1) The crushing ratio is large, the crushing cavity is deep, and the amount of pebbles processed per unit time is large, which increases the output of pebbles.

(2) It adopts a vertical structure design, which is small in size, light in weight, easy to operate and low in infrastructure costs.

(3) The requirements for the working environment are low, and the finished pebbles are within 10-400mm.

(4) The dust removal and noise reduction device plays a role in dust removal and noise removal for the equipment, reducing pollution and improving the environment.

  1. Cone Crusher

The cone crusher is used for intermediate crushing of cobblestones, and the finished cobblestones after crushing have a finer particle size, which has these advantages

(1) Laminated crushing is adopted instead of impact and hitting, so there is no secondary crushing phenomenon, and the over-crushing rate is low;

(2) The cobblestone material processed by it has a better particle shape (up to 90% of the finished cubic material) and a better gradation;

(3) The loss of equipment is small and the failure rate is low, which reduces operating costs and prolongs the replacement cycle of parts.

(4) Fixed-axis structure design, large crushing force, and small investment in equipment foundation;

  1. Impact Crusher

The impact crusher is also widely used in pebble crushing. The crushed pebbles contain a lot of cubes, which meets the needs of customers and has the following advantages.

(1) It is convenient and quick to adjust the discharge port, and the adjustment range is wide. Effectively control the output particle size of the pebbles, and the obtained cobblestones have a very uniform particle size and excellent particle shape.

(2) Not only can the continuous crushing of pebbles be carried out, but also the crushing efficiency is high and the process can be effectively simplified, and the corresponding operating costs of customers have also been reduced a lot.

(3) The wear-resistant parts are processed with extra-hard wear-resistant materials, which reduces friction during the crushing process and prolongs the service life of wear-resistant parts.

(4) The operation is very stable, all parts are fixed very firmly, there will be no abnormal noise, and the noise and vibration are very small.

  1. Vertical shaft sand making machine, vertical shaft sand making machine is widely used in crushing pebbles. Pebbles of about 4-10 cm can achieve the effect of one-time molding, with large output, high efficiency, low wear, and no need for multiple crushing by other equipment. And the shape of the crushed particles is round without edges and corners, and the quality is high, which is widely loved by customers.

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