PEL Compound Crushing Machine

This crusher series is a new product of high performance, which our company optimizes based on fine crushing technologies at home and aboard.

Product Introduction

This crusher series is a new product of high performance, which our company optimizes based on fine crushing technologies at home and aboard. It is used to crush all kinds of medium and hard ores, widely applied in mining, metallurgy, resistant materials, cement, coal, glass, ceramics, and electric power industries. Features: large crushing ratio; high yield; high efficiency and energy saving; the wearing parts are made of multi-element alloy wear-resistant materials of high hardness and toughness. Therefore its service life is increased by 2-3 times; the gap between the hammer and the impact plate is adjustable, so it applies to most material conditions.

The compound-type crusher also called the compound crusher for short, is a commonly used equipment in crushing and sand-making production lines. Applications: This series is suitable for crushing limestone, clinker, coal and other ore (with a compressive strength of less than 140 MPa and humidity of less than 15%) in building materials, mining, metallurgy and chemical industries.


Low noise and less pollution

Its working noise is lower than 75 decibels (dB level), and it has less dust pollution; the product can be shaped into a cube, which is suitable for piling up and has low iron pollution.

High production efficiency and large processing capacity

It has fine crushing and coarse grinding functions, so it is suitable for crushing medium-hard and extra-hard materials.

Long service life of wearing parts and low loss

Its roller leather has a long wear cycle. Its wearing parts are made of new domestic high-strength wear-resistant materials, which can crush high-hardness materials. It boasts slight loss and long service life, bringing customers considerable economic benefits.

Working Principle

The massive ores fall from the feeding hopper onto the upper throwing tray in the crushing chamber. They are thrown to the inner wall of the cylinder under the centrifugal force of the throwing tray and then collide violently with the impact plate installed on the inner wall. At the same time, the materials collide with each other, thereby breaking them into pieces or generating a large number of hairline cracks. Then the materials enter the conical rotor chamber and fall spirally into the conical space. After stamping and extrusion, the cracked ore is further crushed. Due to the inclination between the conical rotor and the lining plate, the smaller materials are forced to move downward, automatically crushing the materials at different grades. The materials are first hammered in the conical rotor chamber, and then the high-speed moving block materials collide with the counter-attack plate again. The materials are mutually impacted, sheared and extruded, improving the crushing efficiency.

Technical Data

Specification Processing capacity (t/h) Motor power (kw)
800 5-15 4P 30
1000 10-30 4P 55
1250 17-60 6P 132
1500 25-80 8P 160
1750 30-100 8P 200

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