Box Crusher Machine

The box-type crusher, featuring a single heavy hammer with a significant moment of inertia and a high-speed rotor, boosts its strength of crushing small and light by being big and heavy and its unique performance in crushing super-large stones.

Product Introduction

The box-type crusher, featuring a single heavy hammer with a significant moment of inertia and a high-speed rotor, boosts its strength of crushing small and light by being big and heavy and its unique performance in crushing super-large stones.

Working Principle

The stones fall directly from the machine's upper part into the turntable rotating at high speed. Under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, the stones are crushed at high speed and density. With the mutual effect, the stones form a vortex motion between the turntable and the casing for further hitting, rubbing, and crushing till the stones are crushed into the particle size as required.


The frame of a box-type crusher comprises three parts. You can carry out inspection and maintenance operations such as replacing the blow bar, crushing plate and lining plate by opening the rear casing. The components of the box-type crusher are of high compatibility, and most of them are wear-resistant parts, which are good for the procurement and management of spare parts. Its casing opens and closes with a hydraulic opening device, which effectively reduces labor intensity, improves work efficiency and shortens the work time of maintenance. The monitoring system of the crusher can monitor its operating status at any time. The monitoring signal can be sent to the main control system so that it can ensure the safe and reliable operation of the machine. The drive system of the box-type crusher, composed of the motor, mechanical coupling, V-belt, and crusher, effectively improves the starting performance of the motor and enables the motor to start and run smoothly. Belt transmission gives double overload protection. The drive system requires low motor power, which greatly reduces the operating cost. This driving method is greatly cost-effective and of excellent practicability, excellent performance, safety and reliability.


New intermediate and fine crushers are widely developed to replace cone crushers, roll crushers, and ball crushers. It is of novel and unique structure and stable operation. It can shape the materials into a cube, which is good for piling up. During the shaping process, it forms a protective bottom layer to protect it from abrasion. Its quick-wear parts are not many and are made from extra-hard wear-resistant materials, small in size, light in weight, and easy to be replaced. Driven by the motor, the rotor disk of the box-type crusher drives the hammer to perform the high-speed circular motion. When the material enters the crushing chamber, the large pieces of material are stacked on the middle pole in the machine. Crushed materials with particle sizes larger than the required size will be crushed against the counter-attack plate along the tangential direction of the hammer together with the new materials. Then it can produce the coarse and medium crushed materials in one step. At last, the qualified materials are unloaded uniformly with a grate plate


1. Large feed size, high crushing ratio, and uniform output.

2. High finished product rate, 85% being granular products, which fully meet the requirements for use.

3. Adjustable hammer shaft of the box-type crusher and long service life of the hammer.

4. Adjustable grid size, controllable product particle size, and good particle shape.

5. Reversible casing of the box-type crusher, convenient for inspection and maintenance.

6. Square shank bolts, resistant to impact and abrasion.

7. High output and stable performance.

8. Coarse and medium crushing in one step, easy and simple process flow

9. Hammer, grate plate and counter-attack plate made of high wear-resistant materials with longer service life.

10. Small power, low energy consumption, simple maintenance, and few wearing parts.

Scope of Application

1. It is suitable for the first and second-level crushing of materials with compressive strength below medium and high hardness.

2. It is especially suitable for crushing materials used in mining, building materials, and chemical and metallurgical industries.

3. The compressive strength of the material shall not exceed 100 MPa, and the humidity shall not exceed 15%.

Technical Data

Model Rotor diameter (mm) Rotor length (mm) Output (t/h) Feed size (mm) For stone Power (KW)
700 1000 50-80 ≤500 Stones with pressure of 300MPa 45-55
900 1200 70-100 ≤800 75-90
1000 1000 90-120 ≤800 75-90
1200 1200 130-160 ≤900 110-132
1400 1400 190-210 ≤1000 132-160
1600 1600 250-300 <1000 160-210
1800 1800 300-400 <1200 210-280

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