Hydraulic Roller Crushing Machine

Hydraulic roll crusher is widely used in construction, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry. It adopts advanced hydraulic technology to realize high-speed crushing and crushing process of materials

Product Introduction

The hydraulic double-roller sand making machine, also called the double-roller crusher, adds a hydraulic device system based on the original crusher, which greatly improves the work efficiency. Customers can adjust the pressure of the spring by adjusting the bolt at the front end of the roller crusher according to the fineness requirements of the finished materials. The greater the pressure, the finer the discharge. It is applicable to materials such as limestone, pebbles, coal, granite, iron ore, limestone, and cement clinker in fields such as cement, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, and building materials.


1. Double-roller crusher can increase the sand yield by 30%-40% and reduce the total energy consumption by 20%-30% in the sand making industry.

2. Compact structure, small footprint, light, and small volume. Compared with the crushing system with the same production capacity, double-roller crusher is more cost-effective.

3. With a dust-proof plate inside, it has good sealing performance, which avoids the splashing of fine materials after crushing and is able to work with water. In addition, it works with less dust and low noise, greatly improving the working environment.

4. Its rollers are optimized and redesigned, so that the rollers does not need to be replaced frequently, which makes the crusher more economical.


Construction industry: Hydraulic roll sand making machine can break stones into different specifications of sand particles, which are widely used in the preparation of concrete, mortar and other building materials.

Metal ore processing: Before the metal ore is refined, the Hydraulic counterroll crusher can finely break the bulk of the ore into a particle size suitable for further processing, ensuring that the valuable components of the ore are not damaged.

Chemical and ceramic industry: The Hydraulic counterroll crusher can provide uniform raw material particle size in the chemical industry to ensure the quality and production efficiency of chemical products; In the ceramic industry, it is used to break hard clay and other raw materials to lay a solid foundation for the molding of ceramic products.


Applicable materials: The hydraulic roller sand making machine is suitable for a variety of materials, including but not limited to river pebbles, calcite, quartz stone, marble, pebbles, cement clinker, bentonite, iron ore, limestone, quicklime, quartz sand, bluestone, mountain stone, water slag, bauxite, kaolin, weathered sand, ophiase, granite, basalt, etc.

    Working principle

    The working principle of the hydraulic roller sand making machine is relatively direct. The material enters the crushing chamber through the conveyor belt and is gradually crushed by extrusion and friction between the two crushing rollers rotating opposite each other. The broken product is discharged from the lower gap of the two rollers, and the particle size of the product can be controlled by changing the lower gap between the two rollers. This equipment uses advanced hydraulic technology to achieve fast feeding and crushing and improve production efficiency.

    Technical Data


    Specifications Roller diameter (mm) Feed size (mm) Production capacity (t/h)
    2PGY800x800 φ800 ≤40 40-50
    2PGY800x1000 φ800 ≤40 50-80
    2PGY1000x1000 φ1000 ≤40 80-100
    2PGY1000x1200 φ1200 ≤60 100-120
    2PGY1200x1200 φ1200 ≤60 120-150
    2PGY1000x1500 φ 1500 ≤80 150-200
    2PGY1200x1500 φ 1500 ≤80 200-250
    2PGY1000x1800 φ 1800 ≤100 250-300
    2PGY1200x2000 φ 2000 ≤120 300-400
    The above data is for reference only.

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